Outdoor Living Pod

These blinds are adjustable to your design and allows all year round protection from the weather. Rain and snow will run off the roof and is even better for the sun where you can alter how much sunlight you would like shadowing you and the area you’re in. 

Why choose our Outdoor Pod blinds for your outdoor space?

  • Benefit from Solar heat and light control 
  • Allow all year round use in all weather conditions 
  • Sensor technology for light, wind, snow and rain conditions
  • Optimum heat block 
  • Eliminates glare from bright lights and the sun 
  • Up to 99% UV block 
  • Fade Resistant 
  • Outstanding Dimensional Stability 
  • Extraordinary Colour Luminosity 
  • Self Clean Effect 
  • Optimum UV Protection 
  • Water Repellent 
  • Available in 15+ colour fabrics

Installers of high quality Outdoor living pods blinds

At Blinds with Style we pride ourselves on only installing the very best, high quality blinds that come with a full lifetime guarantee. All of our Blinds are made to measure meaning they are bespoke to your space.

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At Blinds with Style we offer a free quotation in which we will come out and visit and take the measurements for your outdoor space. We will then go through the options for the different finishes. Helping your match colours and blind accessories to your home. 

If you would like a free no obligation quote either use the form below or feel free to call Liam on 07469879533.

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